Get Pre-Approved

Get pre-approved for free– before you shop for your new home – and get more bargaining power.

The benefits of a pre-approval:

  • Determine your affordable price range
  • Know the range of affordability greatly aides your new home search.
  • Shows you are a serious buyer
  • Having a pre-approval gives you the added leverage when buying a home.
  • Makes your offer more attractive
  • Sellers know that a pre-approval means you are ready to buy

Talking to a licensed loan officer is an important step to getting the right mortgage loan. Every borrower is different and a loan officer knows which questions to ask in order to best match you with the right loan and monthly payment

Our most popular mortgage loan options for first-time home buyers

  • FHA Mortgage Loans
    Purchase your home with only 3.5% down payment, 96.5% of the purchase price will be financed. Closing costs can be a gift from a relative!

  • 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Loans
    Our most popular mortgage requires 3% down payment, 97% of the purchase price will be financed. Fixed rates are a long term benefit with predictable monthly payments.
  • VA Mortgage Loans
    No down payment, (that's 100% financing!), no PMI and flexible credit requirements make the VA loan a top choice for veterans and active military members. Also, surviving spouses with the DD214 may qualify for a VA loan.

Don't forget to get free access to our industry leading mortgage calculators to help you determine which program is best for you.